Sadsburyville, Pennsylvania
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Due to very poor, dishonest business tactics, service and workmanship, this company currently has two other court claims filed against them.My claim equals 3 total, and that is just in my city alone.

This company will be nice to you only while they are trying to reel you in and get your business. Once they get your money, they do not care one bit about you nor their obligation to you. They will rip you off in a heartbeat, just like the did to us. Save yourself a lot of trouble and stay away from this company.

There are many other door companies in the area that will treat you right.Use one of them.

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what you gonna do when they come for you {COPS}


Fred stop hiding , give back our money! You can't hide forever!


HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRED FOLEY YOU NEED TO RETURN CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE BACK OUR MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with this.I'm a former employee of Taylor Door - Premium Glass Division.

Their service and the way they treat their employees go hand in hand. I never had any desire to purchase what we manufactured because I seen the "JUNK" that we put out the door everyday. People buy your doors and glass from someone else. Taylor Door does not sale direct to the public so watch out for the products in most home improvement stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Menards.

Look for the logo on the door glass.If it's Taylor walk the other way.

to ohiodude #606041

I also second that "ohiodude" I too was employed at Taylor Door-Premium Glass(aka Thornton Art Glass, aka Thornton Industries) for almost 10 years and you sir are 100% on the money when it comes to poor management staff who treated their employees like rats. The craftsmanship of the windows and frames that comes out of that place is a joke (and junk). Do not buy their product.

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